Environmental Policies and Positions

We fully embrace and endorse IWPA – International Wood Products Association sensible positions on the important issues of Legal Logging, Certification and Purchasing Policies, which we reproduce below for the sake of clarity. But we also want to be upfront and state that we strongly reject the attempts by certain radical environmental groups to portrait the wood industry as villains against nature. 

While we admit the negative pursuits of some greedy companies around the world, we feel that they should be punished according to the laws of their countries and banned entirely from doing business. But it must be clear that this is not the rule, much to the contrary, and many good companies are creating jobs and contributing very positively to diminish poverty in tropical countries across the globe. Poverty is the worst enemy of a sustainable environment. “Green” organizations should work with the industry and help us develop suitable mechanisms to ensure the continued use of wood products. To work against the wood industry just for political reasons (all business is bad for people, some seem to believe) is also wrong.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly material available to mankind.  Wood is natural, recyclable, renewable, sustainable and holds CO2, besides using a lot less energy to produce than any other material. As such, we are proud to promote the use of more wood as a means to keep the value of this wonderful resource and prevent the conversion of forests into pasture or extensive agriculture. Many people fail to realize that old trees no longer produce oxygen, and therefore could be converted into wood products. Obviously, those exceptional specimens who provide intangible value to humans should be preserved and revered.

We invite all well-intentioned groups and organizations to reach us and other like-minded companies to cooperate and work together, provided that they do not try to impose their views on the solutions towards wood sustainability.